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Company has lots of part of commerce and to process and administer all part it need a solution, commonly called is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is not single module software and implementing of ERP depends on the industry or the nature of the business of the company. Single Software with multiple handler and multiple modules are basic need as per nature of commerce of the company.

ERP Modules with OptCRM

Lot of ERP softwares are available in market with lots of features and modules, some of the major player with good services and product are Oracle, SAP, Microsoft (MSFT), NetSuite, Sage ERP, Zoho and more. OptCRM is one of the unique ERP software and service provider as it comes with totally customized solution that can be catered at client end also with the help of OptCRM technical team. OptCRM offers modules like planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources and more to take care of complete commerce needs at single platform via combination of offline, online and app based services.

OptCRM in the information technology industry for the last 2014 and servicing more than four fifty clients all over the world with services of ERP, SFA, Payroll Management, CRM, Customized Software development and website designing. Our ERP can be useful for any size of the company and technical helps can make it handier.

OptCRM ERP is not industry specific event not the size specific, any industry or any size company can use our ERP system in their reputed organization to streamline the process of all part of commerce with ease. In course on uses, OptCRM technical team provide a complete training sessions as per need to make sure complete successful run can be done after the sessions.

As everyone know ERP not a small scale software and it is not easy to implement full flash ERP in any organizations as number of heads are there and number of modules need to implement department wise. But systematic and tactful practice helps a lot to make its success hundred percent. We here OptCRM provide a training session department to department so that it can be easily guided to use.

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What Is ERP

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning

What Is OptCRM

India Based IT Company

What OptCRM Do?

OptCRM provides IT Services and solution to world business houses.

How it Helps to Manage Business

Every organization have their or issues and Opt CRM helps them to manage with IT Services and Solution.

Our Strength

OptCRM is a pure technical team, understand customer needs and industry need as per technical understanding and try to deliver the same; this is the only reason of our success. Strong technical skills and customer guanidine helps us to make our product and services more and more efficient since OptCRM had started.

Advanced Technology

OptCRM always believe in using latest technologies and never left behind to update as per new demands. Our Services are on Offline, Online, Android and Mac now a days.

Expert Team

Expert, Expertise and Experience Team make everything possible.

On time Delivery

It is always a challenge to deliver on time but due to expert team and latest technology help Opt CRM to deliver on Time