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A Complete Solution of Sales Force Automation, ERP, Payroll and other business software and services for pharma, FMCG & all other type of Industries

Field activities and sales tracking always remain a prime concern for small to huge size of companies. A perfect execution of a system makes things easier for management and employees. Speeding execution of order booking and processing makes your focus on real and accurate sales.

Real Time Business Intelligence - There is nothing better if you imagine a product can help you to improve your company productivity in terms of sales, knowledge and presence in the market.

Organizations have edge over the competitor those not have instant information system and suffer due to lack of quick decisions according to the circumstances. Centralize sales force automation makes you free to tackle order booking and stock n sales in real time. Lack of information bound you to wait for the strategic time period.

MR Reporting

M R Reporting
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Latest features of M R Reporting Software

Mobile SFA

Mobile SFA
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Payroll Management
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ERP Software
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Pharma SFA

Pharma SFA
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