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Distributor Sales Data Integration

Distribution sales data integration is in demand for the last few years but there was no solution in the market hence OptCRM decided to develop a solution so that companies can manage their sales easily.

What is distributor sales data integration?

Companies have a channel to process their distribution in market and it includes CNF, Supper Stockiest, Stockiest and Retailer. Company can easily access the sales data of CNF and Supper stockiest as most of them uses same billing software that is provided by company but in case of distributor scenario is totally different as distributor deals with multiple companies at same time and uses its other software that is available in market like tally, easybiz, marg erp and so on. With this scenario it is not possible to incorporate sales data in company erp system. To make happen easily is called distributor sales data integration.

How can it be done?

Opt CRM has developed a unique solution for this kind of issue. Company need to install OptCRM eLoad solution in their server for integration and one assign one to manage it. Opt CRM will provide a technical training to company and then you can easily manage stockiest or distributor sales easily.

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