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Retailer Management

Retailer management is major concern for all companies as they depend on retailer to sell their product to customers and sales growth totally depends on retailer and branding only. Retailers are the x factor in product selling and all companies try to capture most of the retailer share.

Retail Order Solution

With OptCRM many companies can have a solution to make easy their retail order processing simply using an app base services. hierarchy wise it have to push order faster eighty percent with hundred percent accuracy of tracking. Retailer can place order with using simple app and have the facility to track payment and outstanding also.

Retailer Party Mapping

Companies can easily map retailer party with retailer and distributors with respective panels and approvals can be done if activities are done through employee panels

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Retailer Management – Improvise Sales and Growth !

A Solution not only help to manage retailer but also help to better manage relationship and grow sales as per day to day order capture in the system