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Daily Call Report App and Web Solution

Better software always help to get authenticated data as mostly required by all companies. OptCRM offers ultimate Daily Call Report App and Web software with unique feature those help you to run your company as per your policy. Company is free to upload its marketing policy and employees feed the DCR as per actual work and conditions.

Best in Class DCR App With All Features

  • Online App DCR : Employee can submit DCR in real-time. Internet is mandatory in this feature.
  • offline App DCR : Employee can store his daily activity data in offline mode and send data as get internet connection.
  • Web DCR : Employees are free to submit their daily activity data via web portal also but locking period is there.
  • DCR by Employee : Employees are free to submit their reports from anywhere anytime but according to company policies. OptCRM helps the companies to incorporate their daily call reporting policy without any issue as we understand your needs better than others.
  • DCR By Manager : No need to used the outdated DCR Software as every designation have their own responsibility according to assigned post and OptCRM customized the DCR Reporting as per same that you require most. OptCRM have developed many types of DCR formats as per designation and company policy. Just use those or let the OptCRM to customized new one for you.
  • Weekly DCR Reporting : Weekly reporting system: A solution for the remote area companies those have some network and team latency that forced the companies to use paper work policy. Just use the weekly reporting system to make better analysis for today as well as tomorrow.
  • Transit DCR : Transit DCR helps the employees, managers and company to be updated as per user day to day activity. Auto calculation for the expense helps the companies to track down the fake reporting.
  • DCR As Meeting : Day type Meeting: Submit Meeting as DCR that helps the companies to use the software effectively. OptCRM has customized meeting DCR for many companies for their convenience. Use the hidden factor those are surely wanted to use.
  • DCR Locking : DCR Locking System helps the companies to control same day reporting. Daily Call Report software of OptCRM has lots of features to control fake reporting as per need. Admin and super admin has all authorities to organize all kinds of mechanism.
  • DCR Tracking : DCR Tacking as easy as simple to feed. Managers, Senior Managers and admin all have the rights to track all the DCR related reports by various formats. Super admin gives the authorities to the managers as per need. OptCRM helps to customized DCR Software as per requirements.
  • DCR Tour & Route Mapping : As per companies need you can easily analyze DCR against Tour & Route. Various customizable reports are available for head to head comparison for better inside view. Smart SMS a customizable solution can be integrated for better communication and effective output.

Daily Call Reporting App and Software is very easy to impletement. You just need to know about your reqirement and share with OptCRM. We here analyze and revert you with perfect and long lasting solution. After that employees of your company can download App from company webiste or Google Play Store, even you can allow employees to submit data via online portal also. With our DCR Software company can apply lots of restrictions if needed.

A smart and simple Daily Call Report Solution!

OptCRM is providing an optimum used daily call report format to the companies to manage their all employees’ daily visits by various ways. Opt enable various factors for different type of segment so that company can take full use of Daily Visit Reporting. Industry specific customization make it most required element to take control all over the company staff activity. It is very easy to adopt for routine report submission through web, app and sms.

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Frequently Asked Question

Know About Daily Call Report Software

What Is DCR

DCR Stands for Daily Call Report

Who can use DCR?

Field Force Companies can use this software.

DCR helps for what ?

It help to get daily activity data on time and many more issues get solved automatically. Like Expense Calculation, Location Tracking, eDetailing and more.

How to start using?

Just call us or write us, Our Sales Person will show you about complete software. After demo you need to make payment and within 24 hour your panel will get ready to use.

Kindly of DCR App

OptCRM works on specific modules only after demand generated by clients. DCR software is totally customized solution and it deliver to company as per guidance and acceptation. DCR App is 100% successful from small to big companies and stream line their daily activity efficiently.

Activity Data Solution

DCR is best technical solution to manage daily call data 24x7

Expert Team

DCR System is developed under expert team of various leading company from India and continuing to make better and better as per advaice.

Development and Support

DCR software is customizable and OptCRM always ready to make changes.