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Route Management with Offline App

OptCRM offers route management with offline data storage in mobile app. It helps to manage daily route details without having internet on their mobile. All companies work as per their pre defined route policies and employee do their activity as per approved route.

Monthly Tour Program Checklist

  • Route Locking
  • Approval By Managers or company
  • Deviation report
  • Target wise route
  • Area wise route
  • Joint Route cover
  • Daily Route Alert
  • Route Planning : As per company policy employee and managers submit their route planning on monthly basis or permanently. PJP is known as permanent journey plan and usually used in fmcg companies and employee creates their pjp and will get approval from company admin. Monthly route planning is something like tour planning and same like that employees and companies use that.
  • Route Planning and PJP Aproval : Employees submit their rour planning and pjp and their manager or company admin can approve as per need. Company admin and managers have the authority to edit the submitted data and approve after that.
  • To allow deviation or not, it depends on the company management. Companies are free to make policy on that and it got implemented in their organization is seconds. If company employee deviate the route or pjp than it generate automatic deviations alerts as per hierarchy .

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