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Business Analysis : Total Inside View !

Focus analysis to measure all about the business via many angles make a sense, let’s find the actual inside

A Simple tool to analyze business and aspects with streamline option those make you a better analyst. Cross check and pinpoints help to make out business strategies better and assist the business group to strengthen the weak points. Let find out the better way to analyze inside of Business.

Daily Call Report

Activity Analysis

Target Planning to achieve as per need

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis

Sales Planning as pr your strategy

Target Incentive

Employee Performance

Investment as per Focus Customers

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Your Business Your Way to Analyze with Smart Solution

Every business house has its own strategies according to nature of business, it is always very harassing for any group if there is no customized mechanism to evaluate today’s stand in market and profitability.

OptCRM SFA always has an edge over the competitors as OptCRM is totally customized solution for very individual users. Companies have lots of hierarchy levels and every designated employee have some authorities according to their post. Here OptCRM helps you to make your own analyzing mechanism for very employees.

It is always better to analyze our self and make changes for better output as every individual employee is like a company that need to deliver to enhance the family by very mean. Business Analysis with OptCRM SFA is very simple and adoptable as there is no need to have much knowledge like the technocrats. Opt SFA helps you to analyze your business better than others.