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Expense Management for Field Force Companies

OptCRM offers expense management solution for field force companies. Company can manage employee and managers expense very easilyon the basis of daily activity submitted by them, even employees can submit variable expenses through mobile app and web portal. Hierarchy wise approval helps the small to large size company to manage it efficiently.

Check the latest feature of Expense Management.

  • Manager Approval
  • DA-Daily Allowances
  • TA - Travel Allowances
  • Hotel Stay
  • Other Expense

Free to calculate with below:

  • Designation Wise
  • Employee Wise
  • Distance Wise
  • Other
  • Employee Expense - No need to worry about the expense management as OptCRM is here to automate company‚Äôs standard expense policy and calculate the same as per day to day working. Auto generated attendance sheet helps you to control over expenses without any headache.
  • Manager Expense - Executive expense management is little bit simple but to calculate for zonal or national manager, it is very hectic and difficult to manage because of many if else conditions. But with the help of OptCRM expense management you can easily solve all the expense related queries and can integrate company expense policy with ease.
  • Client Expense - Approval based system helps world class companies to manage their client or doctor expenses efficiently. To channelize such kind of expense practice, everyone needs a foolproof system to manage expenditure with control. Let the OptCRM to customized wonderful contro expense control system for you.
  • Designation Wise Expense - Most of the company have the ethics in their business and use one designation one expense formula. If you are such kind of company then ready to use module help you to manage whole company expense in few minutes. Hierarchy based approval system makes it more efficient and answerable.
  • Fix & Other Expense - Easy to manage, simple to assign, according to your need. OptCRM provide a total customized solution to manage Fixed, Variable and Other expenses as per company policy. Make your own policies with the help of OptCRM.

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