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Retailer Order & Green Call Analysis

Normally sales growth depends on the retailers and most of the company focus to take order on every visit so that ample amount of product quantity should in the market for the buyers. OptCRM has developed a unique solution to analysis product presence in market as per company need.

What is retailer order & green call analysis?

FMCG and consumer goods company depends on daily order booking system and employee visits counter to counter to take order from concern persons so that sales can be achieved as per company target and employee tries to convert call visits into order booking call or green call. If employee takes order from one count than this call is count as a green call in FMCG and consumer sector market.

Importance of Green Call?

There are different kind of marketing strategies in business those are implemented time to time to make better outcome. Once company start its business or sales process than there is different challenges after establishment they have the challenge the boost up the sales and then green call are most important as order from the market and supply on time makes a huge different in growth.

Feb 21     Admin