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A Smart Software and Solution as per Industry Need!

OptCRM is serving many industries with software and solutions as per need and deed. Customized Software are play a handy roll in growth of the company and management always looks for customized solution so that companies can mold software as per their strategies and planning.

For the last Five year OptCRM serving Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Consumer Goods, Agriculture, Poultry, Dairy, Electrical and Service industries with its esteemed product and solution.

As per their need OptCRM convert the solutions and make a perfect combination of Product and 24x4 services that companies needed to manage their business

Time to Time OptCRM add value addition modules so that companies can have full use of the software and services.

OptCRM provide services to all above industrial companies with its Sales Force Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning, Inventory, Payroll systems and solutions.

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Every business have different issues and Opt helps them to identify and provide best possible solutions as per need.