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Doctor Business Calculation

Pharmaceuticals companies and doctors have a relation with each other to understand the need of better health solution as well as to promote medicines via good relation but it is not possible to calculate what amount of business pharma companies generating business from a particular doctor. But we have developed a solution for this.

What is doctor business calculation?

Pharma companies totally depends on the doctor for better sales of their products and it is not possible to calculate concern doctor sales with orthodox methods as mathematical and human mistakes make it more worst. The total business given by doctor and its calculation is called doctor business calculation

How easily we can calculate business?

It is totally depends on the companies as all companies have their own methods to calculate doctor business and uses their own formula also. With the mind of all these scenario Opt CRM has developed a tool to calculate doctor business as per company policies and formulas. You just need to select the option and create you own formula with OptCRM, it starts calculation automatically. Special training will be provided by optcrm for smooth implementation.

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