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Implement Target Module Easily

OptCRM offers target and incentive solution to manage employee performance easily. Every company management make policy for business growth and OptCRM helps companies and managements to incorporate target and incentive policy with technically sound solution.

Target Management Checklist

  • Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly Target
  • Employee Wise, Team Wise, State Wise and Company Wise
  • Product Wise and Group Wise

Calculate Incentive As per Policy

Most of the Software provides standard incentive solution but there with OptCRM, we offers customize solution so that it can be beneficial for company to evaluate the performance and calculate incentive very easily. From company admin panel, administrator can feed incentive scheme and software automatically provide authenticated data.

Incentive Management Program

  • Option to feed Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly scheme
  • Incentive Calculation on Policy basis.
  • Specific Product Incentive

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Easy to Apply and Simple To Manage Target and Incentive!

OptCRM offers module to manage target vs incentive. Most of the company calculate target and incentive on secondary sales and with integration of ERP it make things easy for everyone.