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Solution For Daily Secondary Sales

To manage secondary sales is the major challenge for FMCG and Consumer goods companies. OptCRM understand it very well and developed a solution with cutting edge technologies to make secondary sales management easy.

Secondary Sales Integration

Most of the big FMCG and Consumer Goods company have big sales chain that includes Company Depo, CNF, Supper stockiest, Stockiest, distributor, modern trade and retailers, it is not possible to ask all of them to work on single platform as most of the stockiest and distributors work with multiple brands at same time and use individually different billing and inventory software. But with the help of OptCRM secondary sales integration solution you can manage it easily.

Day to Day Sales Monitoring

OptCRM helps you to manage day to day sales on real-time basis. As per company structure, you can create a hierarchy of supply chain and process will automatically give you the real-time update as per order booking and delivery.

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