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FMCG SFA App with Geofencing & real-time Order Booking!

OptCRM provides ultimate FMCG SFA App and Software with latest features to manage FMCG Field Force more efficiently.



Easy to make fencing.

Order Booking

Order Booking

Smart Order Booking App

Secondary Sales Management

Secondary Sales Management

Manage Sales Any Time

Segregate FMCG Field Force With SFA App

Orthodox order booking on paper has lots of drawbacks and FMCG Industry suffers a lot but it can be treatable if companies move to FMCG SFA platform. Here OptCRM offers a high-tech solution with its FMCG SFA Software that includes number of features those help FMCG companies to manage their field force and order booking easily and on time.

Best FMCG SFA With Customized Solution

It is always better to choose a customized software and solutions as many challenges can be covered while implementing the FMCG Sales Force Automation App

Optimum Services with Five Star Rating FMCG SFA

  • real-time, Online, Offline Solution for FMCG App
  • Customized Reports for better Analysis
  • Order Booking with Product Catalog
  • Team Hierarchy Management
  • Hierarchy Wise Approval System
  • Admin and user rights through super admin
  • Create or Suspend user anytime anywhere
  • Scheme and offer management through admin panel

About FMCG SFA App and Software services : It is a handy app with 10 mb size and users can download app from Google Playstore or their company website. App is very user friendly and lots of utilities are available there for better uses. Most of the companies ask their employees to mark their attendance via app only and register their daily sales visit by visit.

With User Name and password all remployee can register their mobile and start real Time sales punch that helps the employees and company to achieve their goal, it helps to rectify the issue od delay delivery also. Paper work or non real-time apps does not have that significance that our product do.

Implementation process is very easy with our FMCG SFA as there is no special training required to implemenet, just register your requirement and have demo about the same and start working next day.

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What are the Modules of FMCG SFA?

  • Daily Sales Report : Daily Sales Report can be done via online portal, offline and online app. Every FMCG company choose their own way of doing DSR
  • Expense Management : TA DA policies can be incorporate as the company. Data submitted through DSR can be calculated with Master Policy. Time to time companies change their calculation method
  • Route Management : Employees can create their route and will be approved by the company admin or seniors. Employee follow the approved routes as per their plan and submit DSR accordingly
  • Stock & Sales Management: Connecting the company to cnf and cnf to supper stockiest, and super stockiest to stockiest is easy with OptCRM FMCG SFA. You can easily manage their stock & sales as per company policy.
  • Product Presence Survey:FMCG market is very competitive and every company wants to have big share of total sale on the industry. Product presence survey is the best part to know their own standing and can evaluate them self..