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OptCRM offers Geofencing Software and app solution for sales force companies to stop all kind of false reporting. Most of the field force employees do wrong reporting about their visits to concern targets from their home and it cost companies lot. Here OptCRM has developed new solution Geofencing for these companies so that companies can control over false reporting.

Geofencing Total End User Solution

  • Apply Geofencing : Company administrator and senior managers are free to apply geofencing as per need.
  • Hierarchy Wise Geofencing : OptCRM is totally unique in services as with our solution admin can manage all employee easily with geofencing.
  • Admin Control : From admin panel, administrator compare location with various modes and apply on accurate data.
  • Updation Request : If the concern target has shifted to other location, company admin have the option to mange it as per need.

System to manage false reporting : Employee Geofencing!

Location tracking is not the best way to stop false reporting as one man can not track large number of employees. If a mechanism not allowed to submit false data is good for all. Start OptCRM Geofencing solution for better performance.

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