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Simple Order Management Syatem with App

Orthodox order management is always big headache for any company and it is never easy to manage without any system. OptCRM offers a simple to use order management system to all kinds of companies. Just create a hierarchy of process and give rights as per desire and use for your sales order management. Even OptCRM customizes complete process as per specific need if company required.

Sales Order Management through app.

  • Simple App Solution : Company executive place order from their mobile app to party, stockiest or company as per company policy.
  • Order Confirmation : From the authorized panels company, stockiest, party and distributors can confirm the order and product availability as needed.
  • Order on Whatsapp : Even company send the order to parties stockiest and distributor on whatsapp number also with complete details and schemes.
  • Deficiate Order Booking : : If particular product availability is less than order quantity than also two way order possible from OptCRM Order Management system.

Centralize Solution for order management process with software and app.!

Change the process with latest solution to manage complete order cycle easily. OptCRM always try to provide a better solution for make work and process easy.

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