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Payroll Management is most important part for a company to release salaries on time and implement all company polices on same time. Paper work takes lots of time and it is not an error free solution as compare to any software or system that helps to manage all payroll policies at a same time. OptCRM offers a complete payroll management software and solution for all types of companies; you can use payroll system with adding your own policies and generate salaries on time without any glitches.

Payroll system for all kind of company

There is no such issues happens with our payroll management software like, mistakes in salaries, slow approvals, delay in processing and so on. As all these issues and irregularities takes down efficiency of employees work and it cost you lot. We at OptCRM ensure a smooth and flawless salaries processing so that you can have a reputation as per your brand.

Apply Govt. and company policies easily.

  • Apply Salary Codes Designation Wise
  • Create Salary Heads as Required
  • Loan and EMI Master
  • Leave Master
  • Leave Approval Solution
  • Auto Leave Adjustment
  • Various Legal Law Forms
  • Labor Law Forms

Effective Payroll Management for your easy management !

OptCRM offers a complete solution for payroll management.

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