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Improve Presence with the Help of RCPA

RCPA is one of the handy practices that help the companies to stay ahead in competition. Most of the top companies regularly run a campaign for RCPA and it also helps them to capture the market better than others. You can run a successful RCPA campaign with different angles, depending upon your marketing strategy. With OptCRM, you can customize your RCPA to make good impact on your business.

Best RCPA feature in Pharma App

  • Employee can do the RCPA activities as per need.
  • RCPA form is customizable in our software, you can use whatever company require for better competitor analysis
  • Lots of reports and MIS reports are available in MR, Manager and Admin panels. Hierarchy wise RCPA analysis can be done with our software.

RCPA - Retail Chemist Prescription Audit!

RCPA Solution helps the companies to find out actual facts and presence of the product against the competitors in market.

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