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Sales Distribution

Distributor Sales Data Integration

Distribution sales data integration is in demand for the last few years but there was no solution in the market hence OptCRM decided to develop a solution so that companies can manage their sales easily..

Feb 21     Admin
Doctor Business

Doctor Business Calculation

Pharmaceuticals companies and doctors have a relation with each other to understand the need of better health solution as well as to promote medicines via good relation but it is not possible to calculate what amount of business pharma companies generating business from a particular doctor. But we have developed a solution for this.

Feb 21     Admin
Retailer Products

Retailer Order & Green Call Analysis

Normally sales growth depends on the retailers and most of the company focus to take order on every visit so that ample amount of product quantity should in in the market for the buyers. OptCRM has developed a unique solution to analysis product presence in market as per company need.

Feb 21     Admin